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Site Grant to the Principal

Advancing Excellence in Clinton Public Schools

Grant Proposals submitted by Clinton Public School educators should include the following:

Proposal Coversheet - List the project's title, school site, and grant amount requested. This page should be signed by the principal. The title of the grant should be listed at the top of EVERY sheet in the proposal.

Project Description - Describe the project and its components.

Needs Statement - Document the major educational needs that this project addresses. Include an estimated number of students who will be impacted by this project. If the project will not benefit the entire school, include what grades will benefit.

Evaluation - Present a plan for measuring the degree to which the stated objectives of this project have been met.

Timeframe - Present a schedule for implementation of this project, including a start and end date, and discuss whether this project could be repeated or if it is a one-time-only event. Project Personnel Qualifications –If personnel outside the Clinton Public School system (i.e., a visiting artist or scientific expert) will be involved in this project, include a one-page biography or resume.

Itemized Budget - Present specific information about each expense associated with this project, including kinds of materials and/or equipment needed, sources of supply, and shipping and handling expenses. If possible, attach brochures describing the requested items.

Other Funding Sought - Explain any previous or current attempts to obtain funding for this project from other sources, including the school district or site budget process.

Signatures - All grants must be signed by the assistant superintendent.

During the Grant – The principal will ensure that the project the is shared on social media and with the Clinton Daily News in any way applicable.

After the grant has been completed - the principal will submit a brief review summary of the project to the Assistant Superintendent no later than 6 weeks after completion. The review should include:

  1. Was this project successful?
  2. Did you use all of the funds given to you by CPSF?
  3. Did you run into any unexpected problems implementing this grant?
  4. Would you do this project again?

If the project is delayed or takes longer than one semester to implement, the principal will provide updates to CPSF via the Assistant Superintendent every semester on the progress of the project. Funds for projects that have not begun one year after awarded will be relinquished back to CPSF.