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The Clinton Public School Foundation manages several scholarships that have been established by donors according to their specific preferences for Clinton High School graduating seniors and alumni. In 2018, $54,100 was awarded.  2019 applications will be available in November, 2018.  Application and selection process varies for each scholarship.  

  • Students

  • The Smith Leadership Scholarship

    Download The Application Here

    The Smith Leadership Scholarship was established in 2018 by Karen and Martin Smith to recognize a student who has demonstrated remarkable leadership ability throughout high school.


  • The George H. And Louis La Rue Powers Scholarship

    Download The Application HERE

    This new scholarship will be awarded for the first time in 2019. It is made possible from the estate of the late George Powers.

  • The Kent Powell Memorial Scholarship

    Download The Application Here

    The Powell scholarship was first awarded in 2017. The scholarship is funded by memorial donations in honor of Kent Powell. 2018 Recipient: Ariana Ramirez, $4,000 over 4 years.

  • Brickner Memorial Scholarship and Dr. Al Harris Memorial Scholarship

    Download The Application HERE

    Download The Application HERE

    These scholarships were established by CHS alumnus Robert Brickner (1952) in 1990 to honor his parents, and his good friend Dr. All Harris. Since 1990, Mr. Brickner has donated over $65,000 to help CHS graduates in need attend Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

    2018 Recipients: Brickner - Hunter Ochrang and Deon Basler, $1,000 each for one year, Harris - Jose Hernadez, $1,000 for one year

  • K.B. Cornell, Jr. & Elise Cornell Scholarship

    Download The Application Here

    Clinton attorney Patrick Cornell and family established this scholarship in honor of his father and aunt in 2005. "We just wanted to offer a little help to a CHS graduate, and are thankfully in a place where we can," said Cornell.

    2018 Recipients: Sydney Butcher and Jose Hernandez, $1,000 each for one year
  • Neparko Family Scholarship

    Download The Application Here

    Dr. Edward Neparko and his family established this scholarship in 2012 for a student attending Southwestern Oklahoma State University and majoring in the sciences.

    2018 Recipient: Hayley Thompson $500 for Fall 2018

  • Davis-McElmurry Trust Scholarships

    Download The Senior Application Here

    Download The Grad Application Here

    Wilma McElmurry, a former Clinton school teacher, provided for the Davis-McElmurry Trust upon her death in 2005. One-sixth of the proceeds earned by the Trust are donated to the Clinton Public School Foundation to provide college scholarships.
  • 2018 Recipients: 


    Darienne Bailey - $750

    McKayla Scott - $750


    Under Graduate

    $4,000 over 4 years

    Ariana Ramirez

    Ben Esparza

    Natalia Veloz-Leos


    $3,000 over 2 years 

    Bryler Atchley

    Greyson Weedon

    Conner Wyer

    Catherine Hensley


    $2,000 over 2 years 

    Cale Sawatzky

    Cooper Sperle

    Hunter Ochrang


    $1,000 over 1 year 

    Caleb Blanchard

    Hope Sawatzky

    Parker Williams

    Landon Aneshansley

    Keri Adams 

  • Oscar Torres Memorial Scholarship

    Download The Application Here

    Juan & September Garcia began this scholarship to Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2006 to honor their friend.

    2018 Recipient: CAleb Blanchard $1,000 for Fall 2018

Other 2018 scholarship awards managed by the Foundation include: 

  • The Creager-Goodwin History Award --Cale Sawatzky, $100
  • The Tyone Lewis Memorial Scholarship - Conner Wyer, $500
  • The Sewell Family Scholarship - Luke Sewell and Hunter Ochrang, $1,000 each
  • Smith Leadership Scholarship - Greyson Weedon, $2,500