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Professional Development Grants For Teachers
Advancing Excellence in Clinton Public Schools

To assist and encourage teachers to:

  1. perfect their craft
  2. sharpen their expertise
  3. infuse our system with fresh ideas and techniques
the Clinton Public School Foundation is launching an initiative to assist with expenses attached to teacher training programs beyond our local professional development opportunities.

For example, if a teacher wants to:

  1. attend the national convention of his or her discipline (i.e., the National Association for the Teaching of English, the National Science Teachers Association)
  2. enroll in a summer course relating to his or her field
  3. attend a seminar or workshop to learn a new classroom technique or delivery system
and this teacher has received approval and/or funds from the district superintendent but needs additional funds for such items as transportation, lodging, meals, and/or materials, he or she can apply to the CPSF for a grant by submitting an application containing the following information to the district superintendent no later than four weeks before the event.

  1. Name and Address.
  2. School site and subject you teach.
  3. Name and brief description of the professional development program you wish to attend; if you have a brochure or printed description of this program, please attach.
  4. What you expect to learn in this program.
  5. How this new knowledge will help you as a teacher.
  6. If Clinton Public Schools will be paying for any expenses connected with this program, please include type of expense and amount.
  7. What the funds from the Clinton Public School Foundation would pay for; please attach a list of these items and estimate the cost for each.
  8. Your signature.
  9. Your principal’s signature.
  10. District Superintendent’s signature

More professional development grants are also available through the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence.