Past Grant Awards

Clinton Public School Foundation
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Fall 2018 Grant AwardsTotal Awarded: $9110.98


Fit and Fun Playground – $1,737.60 Authored by Julie Atkinson and Julie Littke.  This grant will buy large stencils to be used on the Nance blacktop area where children play when the playground is wet and muddy.  Students will have many game and activity options.

Putting the A in STEAM – $1,059.91 Authored by Jennifer Daubenspeck with all the art and music teachers.  This grant will benefit all five CPS campuses by adding an art aspect to the existing maker spaces. Older students will also connect with younger students on many aspects of the STEAM projects.


Little Passports - $240 Authored by Kenzie Gifford and Allison Watson.  This subscription service will give enrichment and teach geography and other cultures while working on writing skills.


Washington Literacy Fair - $917.97 Authored by Elise Epperly with all language arts teachers. This annual event allows students to study and then present a fiction book in a "fair" atmosphere.


Washington Family Math Night -  $143 Authored by 5th and 6th grade math teachers.  This annual event provides students an opportunity to work with and show their families math skills.


Clinton Middle School


Padcasting in Style - $2,772.50 Authored by Dez Lillie and Tanner Wheeler. A Padcaster editing software, and other equipment will be purchased to enhance the current programming produced by CMS TV students.


Clinton High School


Let’s Go Out to Eat! - $560 Authored by Amanda Campbell. Special Education students will practice etiquette and communication with the community by eating out in local restaurants.


Molecular Lab: PCR and DNA Fingerprinting - $1,680 Authored by Cindy Bond. Science classes including AP Biology and Forensic Science will learn about DNA by sampling and analyzing their own DNA with this new equipment.





Spring 2018 Grant Awards

Total Awarded: $8,919.55 


Don’t Lay that Trash on Nance, $153.05. Authored by Melissa Thompson with Jessica Cox and Natasha Jefferson.  The grant provides paper recycling bins for every classroom at Nance. 

Sensory Room for Sensitive Children, $2.897.93. Authored by Julie Adkinson with Meaghan Zoschke and JG Stratton.  A sensory classroom will be constructed that will include a slide, foam pit and therapy swing.  The room will be used by students with autism and other students who can benefit from a sensory break to enable better focus in the classroom. 


New Kiln for Ceramic Arts, $3,229.88. Authored by Nicole Harrington. A new, safer kiln to fire ceramic arts created by art students will be purchased to replace the very old, current one in use. 


Wire Sculptures, $391.84. Authored by Joy Badillo. 3-D art students will learn to manipulate wire and create 3-D wire sculpture.  

Introduction to Leatherworking$1,200.00. Authored by Brandi Wilson.  Applied arts students will learn about the history of leatherworking and construct leather projects of their own. 

Reds DNA Gardening, $1,046.85. Authored by Sheila Eddy. Plans are to expand on the current greenhouse in use by CHS.  Gardening techniques will be increased to education on various gardening methods, plat fertilization, and preserving food.  Lesson plans will be established in incorporate students of every grade level in the district.