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Board Meeting Minutes and Info

Board of Trustees Meeting

7:05 a.m., Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Board of Education Office

President Patch McComas called the meeting to order at 7:09 AM.  Members of the board of trustees present were Donna Rother, Katie Miskel, Carrie Shackelford, and Bret Matlock.  Also present was Executive Director Erin Adams, and assistant superintendent Adam Beauchamp.

Consent Agenda:  Matlock made a motion to approve the consent agenda including meeting minutes, and the Executive Directors report.  Jefferson seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Shackelford provided balance sheets showing an operating account balance of  $25,635.50 and total assets of$870,841.99.  Shackelford said and account had been opened at Cetera as directed by Russ Meacham for the Lewis scholarship.  CPSF has received $1550 to date Motion carried. Adams also mentioned that the Clinton Alumni account was moved to an interest bearing checking account.  She also reminded the board that the Shamburger account was earmarked for professional development, but could be changed at any time.  Miskel made a motion to approve the financials. Giblet seconded.


Golf Tourney Review – Adams presented a financial summary sheet showing revenue of $7,365 and profit of $4.769 after expenses.  She stated that three sponsors never paid. Also the date for the 2019 event will be set very early.

Scholarships – Adams said all but five of the scholarships are paid out.  CPSF currently has 27 students , on scholarship.  Adams said she went to High school English classes in November to discuss scholarships with students, Miskel asked when applications were due – Feb. 22.

Insurance Committee Recommendations – McComas recommended hiring AIM over the bids from local agencies due to the fact it was drastically cheaper.  Miskel made a motion to purchase Directors and Officers liability insurance and a 1million dollar general liability insurance policy from AIM.  Giblet seconded.  Motion carried. 


Finance Committee Recommendations-  Matlock referred to the proposed policy changes handed out.  He said the changes were well researched and compared to other Foundations.  Adams said the proposed scholarship administration fee will give an estimated $2,000 in revenue to recoup expenses for administering scholarships each year.  McComas asked if the committee considered if any grantors would be upset about this new policy.  Matlock said the committee had considered this and they might, but the fee is necessary.  Giblet made a motion to approve the scholarship policy changes.  Miskel seconded. Motion carried.

In regards to accounting services, Shackelford said that accounting services are necessary and Bruce Tharel is our only offer after sending solicitations to local firms.  Matlock consulted with Russ Meacham as he had donated extensive services to CPSF over the past decade.  Meacham is in favor of CPSF hiring other services. Tharel mentioned a rate of $250 a month to Adams in a previous meeting.  Miskel made a motion to hire Bruce Tharel for CPSF bookkeeping services at a rate not to exceed $300 a month. Matlock seconded. Motion carried.

Powers Donation and New Scholarship – Shackelford advised that the board make a recommendation for the type of account to set up for the donation expected any day from the George Powers estate.  Adams said she expects the donation to be about $69,000 and it is directed to fund a $3,000 annual scholarship. Shackelford advised a CD for most of the funds with interest that sweep over into an interest bearing checking account.  Miskel made a motion to put at least $40,000 into a CD with the interest sweeping over to an interest bearing checking account. Giblet seconded. Motion carried.

Fall Fundraisers Report -Adams referred to a handout showing $2,800 total collected from the baseball cap and newsletter mail out.  She said she received the Alumni mailing list and mailed to them as well. $240 was made and already received from the Facebook Giving Tuesday promotion and a profit of $1,700 from Wall of Tradition this year.

Teacher of the Year – Adams said everything went well again this year for TOY presentations.  McComas agreed that the feedback is always good.

Teacher Appreciation  - Rother said that she and Garcia will serve dinner to CMS and CHS teachers during parent teacher conferences in Feb./March as the PTO does for the elementary schools.

Offer to Buy Mineral Rights in Mineral Rights in Garvin County -CPSF received and offer from Bunker Energy to buy minerals for $3,250 per acre for our property in Garvin Co.  Adams said we are currently receiving royalties of about $125 a month from this property and after consulting with Luke Adams, we own about 1/3 of an acre.  All agreed not to sell.

Additional Donation by the Gholston Trust – CPSF received an additional $10,000 donation in December and were directed to use it as we see fit.  Giblet made a motion at Shackelford’s advisement to put $5,000 into our general fund and $5,000 into the endowment.  Miskel seconded.  All agreed.

Nominating Committee – McComas stated that due to the fact we will need three new board members, it is the duty of the entire board to look for worthy new board members.  All agreed.  Matlock mentioned that it would be very good to have someone from Bar-S on the board due to their support of CPSF in recent years.  Officially, McComas, Rother and Giblet are on the nominating committee.

CMS Honor Roll Breakfast  - Date is set for February 5 at 7:30.  Rother will help with décor again.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 7:49 AM


Addenda: On February 5, 2019, the Board of Trustees approved my majority vote via email to allow scholarship student Jose Diosdado to forgo receiving his scholarship in the spring of 2018 but retain the remaining amount of his award until fall of 2019 when he plans to resume college full-time again.


Minutes recorded by Erin Adams, Executive Director.


Board of Trustees Meeting

Board of Trustees Meeting
7:00 a.m. October 2, 2018
Board of Education Office


President Patch McComas called the meeting to order at 7:02 a.m. Members of the Board of Trustees present were Donna Rother, Carrie Shackelford, September Garcia, Katie Miskel, Bret Matlock, Two Jefferson, Pat Peters and September Garcia.  Also present was Executive Director, Erin Adams and Assistant Superintendent, Adam Beauchamp.

Consent Agenda:  Miskel made a motion to approve the consent agenda including July meeting minutes, and the Executive Directors report. Jefferson seconded.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Shackelford provided balance sheets showing an operating account balance of $16,449.06.  She pointed out the art account balance of $12,100 and Shamberger account balance for $21,869 for the purpose of awarding grants.  She also circulated Adams’ credit card statements for the past two months. Adams stated that the summer newsletter brought in $775 and cost about $400 to produce and mail.  Adams said a third annual donation from Bill and Georgine Jackson for $5,000 would be received any day now and was designated at their request again for use on classroom grants.  She also mentioned the changes in tax law with a larger standardized deduction may hurt future donations.  Miskel made a motion to accept the financial report. Giblet seconded.  Motion carried.


1-Year Update on Credit Card Acceptance – Adams provided print-outs showing that over the first year of CPSF accepting credit cards on the website, we have received $1501 in credit card donations.  She stated she believed we would have lost at least half of these if we only had the policy of mailing in checks as in the past.  She also stated that it the fees associated with accepting credit cards online and the initial set-up seem to be worthwhile.

Teacher Breakfast Review – Adams provided sheets showing that financially the breakfast was very similar to 2017 with a total expense of $667.  The decorations were great again from Rother. Less casseroles will be ordered next year as there was a lot left over. Several agreed.


Finance Committee Recommendations for Accounting Services – Shackelford said this item needed to be tabled as there was a new accounting firm to come forward that potentially wants to handle CPSF’s finances.  The committee has not has time to review this proposal yet.  Item will be tabled until January.

School Spirit Event Committee –Matlock said things were going well with 13 teams signed up but were hoping to pick up some more..  Adams said they had received $4,290 in sponsorships already which exceeded the $3,700 of the 2017 5K and golf tourney combined.  Adams pointed out the sign-up sheet that was circulating for board members that were able to help on the day of the event – Oct. 13.


Scholarship Committee Selection 2018-2019  -  McComas said it was time to appoint a committee for this year and wanted to know if anyone knew was interested.  Rother and Peters both said they would be interested.  Jefferson, Giblet, Miskel and Garcia all said they still wished to remain on the committee.  Adams reminded all that policy stated that technically 3 members were to be on the committee.  Matlock  asked if we could have more if policy stated otherwise.  No answer given. Garcia expressed that 4 was a good idea as 1 or 2 members occasionally have last minute conflicts. More discussion on the issue took place.  Miskel made a motion for herself, Garcia, Rother and Jefferson to serve on the 2018-19 scholarship committee.  Shackelford seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Review of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Bids – Three bids were submitted from local firms.  All generally agreed some kind of insurance is needed.  McComas asked if there was a possibility of cheaper insurance through a national or state-wide association.  Adams said she would check into it.  McComas said this needed to be looked at more in depth.  He suggested a committee to look into CPSF’s insurance needs and made a recommendation to the board.  Jefferson, McComas and Matlock agreed to serve on this committee.

OFE Award Submission Status and Changes within OFE – Adams said that Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence was going through some changes and had discontinued their Fall Forum for LEF’s.  They are moving to regional networking meetings instead.  AT this time the closest meeting scheduled was over two hours away as there are no other active school foundations on the west half of the state.  Adams was also waiting to hear the results of our submission for a project award.  The Bus Stop Project was submitted in the summer.

Update – Donations from CPSF Employees – Adams stated that monthly donations from teachers and CPS admin had increased from $175 and 17 teachers to $295 and 30 teachers.  This is due greatly in part to Mr. Beauchamp’s encouragement.

Teacher of the Year, Gholston Trust – A motion was made by Miskel for CPSF to ask the Gholston Trust to Fund the Teacher of the Year Awards again for $10,000.  Jefferson seconded.  Motion carried.

Fall Grant Approval – Beauchamp talked through the list of 13 grant requests requesting $14,680.32 and gave his input.  CPSF approved 8 grants after vetting and discussion.  Some with half funding shared by the school.  It was noted that CPSF desires to fund new ideas and not make a habit of funding annual events long term.  Giblet made a motion to approve the 8 grants totaling $9,110.98. Garcia seconded.  Motion carried. (List of grants attached.)

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 7:58 AM.



 On October 18, 2018 the majority of the Board of Trustees approved via email vote to remove the requirement for a parents tax return to be submitted with a student’s application to the Davis McElmurry Scholarship.


On November 2, 2018 the majority of the Board of Trustees approved via email vote to move the Clinton Alumni Association checking account into an interest bearing checking account.


Minutes recorded by Erin Adams, Executive Director.




Board of Trustees Meeting

7:15 a.m., Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Board of Education Office


Outgoing President Leslie Giblet called the Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:18 a.m. Members of the Board of Trustees present were, Donna Rother, Carrie Shackelford, September Garcia, Katie Miskel, Bret Matlock, and Patch McComas.  Also present was Adam Beuchamp and Executive Director Erin Adams.

Consent Agenda:  Matlock made a motion to approve the consent agenda including March meeting minutes, and the Executive Directors report.  Miskel seconded.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Shackelford provided balance sheets showing an operating account balance of $16,881.94 as of May 7, 2018.  She reported that the Davis McElmurry Scholarship check for $35,000 was just received but would not yet me reflected on these financial statements. Shackelford also provided the Adams’ credit card statement with supporting receipts for the past two months.  McComas made a motion to approve the financials. Matlock seconded. Motion carried.


License Plates - E. Adams gave an update in G. Adams’ absence.  While a final total has not been received, it looks doubtful if the 100 minimum order quota was met.  After discussion, the board agreed to drop the project.  The complex form was a deterrent to many.  Shackelford asked how refunds from the state will be processed.  That is unknown.


Approval of Program of Work- The goals set forth in the March goal setting session were formatted into a Program of Work for 2018-2020.  Miskel made a motion to approve.  Garcia seconded. Motion carried.

Scholarships – The Board was presented with a sheet of scholarship awardees as selected by the scholarship committee after interviews and consulting with those donors who select their own winners.  Adams noted that the Sewell and Cornell families were  both awarding two scholarships instead of one this year. Matlock made a motion to approve the disbursement of scholarships as presented.  Rother seconded.  Motion carried.

Proposed bylaw amendments -  A sheet listing the three proposed changes to the bylaws and one addition that was previously reviewed in the March meeting was presented.  Miskel made a motion to approve the bylaw changes.  Garcia seconded.  Motion carried.

Spring Grant Reviews  - Beachamp gave a verbal review of spring approved grants.  Most went well and were within budget.  The kiln and sensory room at Nance both came in over budget and those school sites covered the overage.  The wire sculptures have not been completed yet nor has the large gardening/greenhouse project.  Southwest Elementary recently received a Lowe’s grant to add to the amount awarded by CPSF last year to construct a reading garden.

Academic Scholars Day Review: All agreed this year went extremely well.  The weather was perfect.  Matlock commented that he like the top ten percent selection process and many verbally agreed.  Adams presented a summary sheet showing the cost for the picnic was greatly decreased over last year at less than $300.  The decrease came from less students attending due to the new selection process as well as the increase in sponsors.  The saran wrap balls and prizes that were accidentally not used were donated to the senior class for senior week.

Other Business : McComas made a motion that in regard to bylaw change to Article III, Section 10, the board extend the term of Katie Miskel so that she may complete a full 6 years on the Board of Trustees.  Her term will now end May 2019.  Garcia seconded. Motion carried.

Addenda: On May 22, the board of trustees voted via email to give an additional scholarship from the Davis-MCElmurry Trust for $1,000 to Hope Sawatzky.  The funds were available from relinquished scholarships and interest income on the McElmurry account.

Addenda: On June 1, the board of trustees voted via email in response to a request for a donation to Clinton Fire Department Women’s Auxiliary.  The donation was requested to buy a new fire safe house for use by students in Clinton.  CPSF trustees voted not to donate to this cause on the basis that it did not comfortably fit into the guidelines of how CPSF should spend funds.  However, there was great support for this project being funded through civic clubs and private donors.


Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 7:42 AM


Minutes recorded by Erin Adams, Executive Director.


Annual Membership Meeting

7:05 a.m., Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Board of Education Office

Vice-President Katie Miskel called the Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:11 a.m. Members of the Board of Trustees present were Donna Rother, Carrie Shackelford, Leslie Giblet, September Garcia, Bret Matlock, and Patch McComas.  Also present was Executive Director Erin Adams and Nance principal Janalynn Taylor.

Matlock made a motion to approve the second term for September Garcia.  Miskel seconded.  Motion carried. 

McComas began a discussion of several good options for the seat being vacated by Greg Adams.  He recommended Pat Peters from the First Christian Church.  Matlock made a motion to nominate Peters.  McComas seconded.  Motion carried. 

The slate of officers for the 2018 was approved as follows by a motion made by Matlock and seconded by Garcia.  Motion carried.  President – Patch McComas, Vice-President – Donna Rother, Treasurer – Carrie Shackelford.

Taylor thanked the foundation for their continued support and funding of grants.  She appreciates the open-mindedness and willingness to fund innovation.  Taylor also said that grant writing enables her to work with teachers in a different way that she enjoys. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:17 a.m.


Minutes recorded by Erin Adams

Statement Regarding 2018  

Teacher Walk Out 


The Clinton Public School Foundation exists for the purpose of supporting excellence in education for Clinton Public Schools. Excellence in education is fostered in our classrooms with our teachers at the helm. These past few months have been a tumultuous time for our teachers as they have battled for long overdue funding for both teacher salaries and classroom funding. Today our governor signed a bill that will partially fund some of what our teachers have been asking for. While some teachers are choosing to return to their classrooms next week, there are others that feel their ultimate goal will not be met unless they walk out as originally planned. We, as a foundation, are here to support you - all of you. We are grateful for your continued dedication to our children. We stand with our teachers. 

 Approved by a majority vote of the CPSF Board of Trustees on March 29, 2018. 




Board of Trustees Meeting 

7:15 a.m., Tuesday, March 6, 2018 

Board of Education Office 


Vice-President Katie Miskel called the Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:09 a.m. Members of the Board of Trustees present were, Donna Rother, Carrie Shackelford, September Garcia, Bret Matlock, Patch McComas, and Greg Adams.  Also present was Executive Director Erin Adams, assistant superintendent Adam Beauchamp, and superintendent Kevin Hime. 

Consent Agenda:  McComas made a motion to approve the consent agenda including meeting minutes, and the Executive Directors report.  Jefferson seconded.  E. Adams added that the Teacher of the Year awards and gifts for donor educators had been omitted from this report my mistake. Motion carried. 

Financial Report:  Shackelford provided balance sheets showing an operating account balance of $858,102 in total assets as of January 11, 2018Operating account balance was at $15,787.  Shackelford mentioned we still have several TOY checks to write as well as scholarships for spring semester. McComas made a motion to approve the financials.  Jefferson seconded. Motion carried. 


Website - E. Adams said site is going well and payment acceptance online is complete and was already utilized by several donors after Buzz Goodwin's death.  She also mentioned that the new logo is still in the works with Miskel. 

Ongoing and Past Fundraisers - Bus Stops: Golden West is up and in use with vinyl in on it.  Hime said North side shelter is not up yet.  They are still trying to ID a good location.  Cameras are supposed to be installed on north side shelter.  Jefferson said he saw the cameras on the north side shelter last week.  License Plates: Update from the state via Clinton tag agency is only 3 tags have been preordered.  Discussion was held about promotion of plates and distribution of order forms.  Board also agreed to hold off asking for state legislation for a personalized option of the plate.  Amazon Smile:  E. Adams mentioned that CPSF continues to bring in small amounts of money from sales on Amazon Smile and will continue to promote it. 

Scholarships - E. Adams said they are expecting a high number of applicants this year and had very successful seminars at the high school. E. Adams informed the board of Neparko's desire to expand their current scholarship.  G. Adams said he would like to help in communication with eh Neparko family as he sees them often.  E. Adams also said that Brickner has expended his scholarship to 3 X $1,000 scholarships this year and has already paid for the 2018 disbursements. 


New Teacher Recruitment Program - Hime spoke to the board about the difficulty of hiring and keeping science teachers at the high school level.  CPS is looking at offering incentives such as student loan repayment for new science teachers.  This also aligns with the district strategic plan.  Beauchamp said Enid has a similar program.  Hime asked the board if they would be interested in looking at the possibility of helping with this program.  The board unanimously agreed.  E. Adams said there is a possibility of using Neparko funds for this program as well.  She and G. Adams would communicate with the family.  Hime will bring more to the CPSF board in March. 

Past Grants Report  Beauchamp distributed the reports on the fall 2017 grants.  He stated about half have not been used yet since they will be used in spring of 2018. One, study guides, went slightly over budget.  E. Adams said Gifford had emailed asking if she make take a different teacher on her professional development trip previously approved.  The request was for herself and Devoss who left Clinton in December.  The board agreed for Gifford to take a teacher of her and Meget's choice. 

New Fundraisers - E. Adams referred to a sheet showing three small fundraisers that have take place in the last three months.  The football boosters placed senior names on the Wall of Tradition this earned the Foundation $1,625 and had an expense of $520.  E. Adams sent out a newsletter to past donors in December.  This cost around $225 and so far has grossed $2,725.  A Facebook Giving Tuesday matching fundraiser was held.  This grossed $2,280.  Money has not been received yet. 

Donations and Financial Impact - E. Adams preferred to a handout that showed CPSF's gross income for 2017 was $12,498.  She also said she learned in a training session in the fall that an effective foundation should have a per pupil impact of $10.  Clinton's impact for 2017 was $52.41 per student. 

Computer Purchase - E. Adams said she needs a computer for Foundation work.  She has been using her own for the last two and a half years.  G. Adams expressed that he would like to see cost of what is she needs.  McComas suggested that this would also be a good time to update or add any software necessary.  Shackelford suggested E. Adams get Quickbooks. Shackelford then made a motion for E. Adams to send some computer and software suggestions out to the board via email and for them to approve. Jefferson seconded. Motion carried. 

Casillas Title Issue - E. Adams explained that she has consulted with Luke Adams about a clouded title on some mineral rights from the Shamberger estate.  Luke Adams' recommendation was for CPSF to wait and see if another party who stands to benefit from clearing up this issue will spend the money to fix it.  He also said it appeared the Foundation will make a good amount in royalties.  The board agreed with this recommendation to wait. 

Goal Setting for 2018-2019 - Giblet said that E. Adams expressed a desire to have some goals for CPSF to know where she needs to spend her time. This planning session would be in the spring or summer over a long lunch.  E. Adams will send dates out and see what works for all. 

CMS Honor Roll Breakfast  - Date is set for Jan. 30, 7:30 AM and invitations should be printed soon. 

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 7:56 AM.  Next meeting Tuesday, March 6. 2018 



Minutes recorded by Erin Adams, Executive Director. 




Board of Trustees Meeting
7:15 a.m., Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Board of Education Office

Vice-President Katie Miskel called the Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:15 a.m. Members of the Board of Trustees present were Donna Rother, Carrie Shackelford, September Garcia, Bret Matlock, Patch McComas, and  Greg Adams.  Also present was Executive Director Erin Adams, Superintendent Kevin Hime, and Assistant Superintendent Adam Beauchamp.

Consent Agenda: Matlock made a motion to approve the consent agenda which included the executive directors report, minutes from the May board meeting and minutes from the Annual meeting. McComas seconded.  Motion carried.

Financial Report: Shackelford provided a current financial statement showing $10,844 in the unrestricted operating account..  Shackelford noted that donations have been way down over the summer.  There has been very little money collected.  E. Adams reminded the board that this operating account is what they will use to pay out grants in the fall.  Miskel asked if all scholarship money ahd been received.  E. Adams said Torres and Cornell was being collected that day and Brickner was coming soon. McComas made a motion to approve the financials.  Garcia seconded. Motion carried.



CPSF License Plates: E. Adams said the process has been complicated in communicating with the tax commission, but the plates should be available to the public on Nov 1. A prototype is currently being produced for our approval.   Everyone will have to get an order form on the tax commission website.  If at anytime CPSF falls below 100 special plates, the tax commission will stop producing them.  Miskel asked when our 180 days to preorder 100 begins.  G. Adams said on Nov. 1.  Discussion was held about promotion the license plates and G. Adams offered to help with making copies. 


Academic Scholars Day Review:  E. Adams provided a summary sheet of the event.  Even though attendance was up a lot, the expense to the Foundation was down from 2016 since t-shirts were not given out.  All agreed that the event went well considering it had to be held inside due to weather.  E. Adams said she intended to talk to Mr. Moring soon about selection process for the event for 2018.

Bus Stops: E. Adams said the two bus stops were currently in the storage bay at the school board office.  The one going to Golden West had approval and was just waiting for CPS staff to have time to build it.  The other shelter was suggested to go on the north side of town.  Kelly Gaunt suggested a vacant lot.  E. Adams had not yet checked into this.  Garcia brought up concerns about the lack of visibility around this lot.  The City Park at 19th and Dunn was suggested.  E. Adams will look into this.


Bylaws and board policies: Copies of bylaws and policies were provided for all.  Garcia and Miskel had reviewed them and recommended 2 changes to the bylaws.  The wording on these will be finalized and brought the next meeting.  E. Adams reminded the board that they could not be approved until the annual meeting next May.



Teacher Breakfast: The breakfast will be at 8:00 AM on August 10 at CMS.  E. Adams said Miranda Evans is doing breakfast casseroles like last year.  Miskel reminded that we need more fruit this year.  Garcia is handling centerpieces.  Beauchamp will have some forms for teachers to do auto withdraw donations.  E. Adams asked it the board would like do some prize drawings for the teachers.  All agreed to to $100 in gift cards to give away.


5K and Golf Tourney Committee: E. Adams said sponsor are the most important thing right now.  Only three have been secured.  Matlock secured the golf course.  E. Adams provided sponsor packets.  Discussion of board members availability on Sept 30 was held.


Website Update:  Miskel updated that it looks very good and is easy to use and is going live soon.


Scholarship Committee:  E. Adams updated that we currently have 25 kids on scholarship and 14 have turned in their fall schedules thus far.  She said there were issues with the Brickner scholarship recipient that have taken some time but have been resolved with a two new awardees.


Special Scholarship Requests: Two students, Haley Adams, and Quinn Weedon both contacted CPSF to ask if they could receive their spring Davis McElmurry scholarship check in the fall since they are graduating early.  Both have DM scholarships for $500 per semester.  Miskel made a motion to award the scholarship early.  McComas seconded.  Motion carried.


George Powers Scholarship: Pat Cornell contacted E. Adams last month and advised that George Powers named CPSF in his trust.  CPSF will receive $3,000 annually for a scholarship and possibly an additional amount that will vary for the general fund.  The funds should be available for 2018.  Miskel asked if we coudl get some info about Mr. Powers to set up the scholarship best to honor him.  Shackelford asked if this will require a separate dedicated account.  E. Adams will look into it.


Outstanding Contribution to Education Award: McComas made a motion to give the 2017 award to Lillian Collins.  Miskel seconded.  Motion carried.  The award will be presented by Giblet at the Chamber Banquet  on August 1.


Next Meeting Date:   The next regular board meeting is set for October 3, 2017.


Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 a.m.



Minutes recorded by Erin Adams, Executive Director.



***Addenda - The Board voted via text message to L. Giblet on September 8 to allow Erin Adams to secure a credit card for the Foundation to be used for CPSF purchases that require a credit card. 8 of 9 board members responded and approved.